On Sale: Sep. 6 (Mon.)

Early Bird Special Offer:Sep. 6 (Mon.) to Oct. 15 (Fri.)

■ 35% off for each program. individual who buys ticket from May 25th to June 25th , 2021 . Regardless of the number of tickets and sessions bought.

Discount Offer

■ 10% off for

  • Student.
  • Membership of NTCH / Weiwuying.
  • Eslite member.

■ 20% off for

  • Group purchase of more than 10 tickets to a single show.

■ 30% off for

  • Student, teacher, and alumni of National Taiwan University of Arts.

■ 50% off for

  • Elderly over the age of 65.
  • Disabled with a companion who hold certificates of identity.

■Discounts are not applicable for tickets tier at the lowest entrance fee.

■Discounts are not applicable for Wu-Kang CHEN One Danced & Ning Wang Movement.

To buy a ticket, please refer to the OPENTIX at https://www.opentix.life/

Or contact Performing Arts Center, National Taiwan University of Arts at 02-22722181 ext. 1751.